The ocean cove of Kouloura in Chalepa, Chania Crete.

Kouloura is a naturally formed cove in the district of Chalepa within the city of Chania.

Known by the residents of the area and a handful of tourists during the Summer months. Kouloura is not a sandy beach so if that’s what you are looking for then the nearest beach is in Koum Kapi. On the other hand, if you are willing to jump off the cement dock or one of the rocks into the clear water, then you have arrived at the right place.

The water is deep enough to safely dive head first if you want. Or just slowly walk in from the lower end of the cove. There is even a shower to rinse off and a changing room to get in and out of your swimsuit. Fun to swim in, and very relaxing to watch the waves break onto the rocks on the front end of the cove.

Kouloura is a 15min walk from Little Mimosa and has parking space if you want to drive there.

Here is the location of Kouloura:

And this is the 10-15 min walk from Little Mimosa.

One of the best coffee spots in the town of Chania Crete

Café Dagkli is considered one of the best coffee brewing spots in Chania Crete. They pay meticulous attention to the making of your warm or cold coffee and have a wonderful area with tables to enjoy drinking it.This is in front of the historical house of Eleftherios Venizelos. Now a museum worth visiting before or after your coffee.

Along with a selection of Greek beers in the later part of the day, a glass of wine is another preferred option.Café Dagli is a 6-7min walk from Little Mimosa and has parking on the street if you want to drive there.

Here is the location of Café Dagkli:

And this is the 6-7 min walk from Little Mimosa.