Welcome to Little Mimosa

This small house started its history when the areas of Amberia and Katsambas were covered with impressive amounts of mimosas spreading their charms and scents above Chania suburbs. And this is how our home name came about.

Over a hundred years ago, today’s Little Mimosa constituted a part of a well-prospering Turkish complex from 1917 known as Katsambas.

It belonged to a wealthy Ottoman family treating Mimosa’s space as a storage for their utilities but living mainly in the nearby one-storied house currently renovated as well.

Years went by when Andreas Markakis left a small village Embrosnieros at the hills of Vrisses Apokoronas (part of West-Northern Crete famous for its rich natural waters supplies, only 30-minute drive from Chania) with a decision to protect his family against waving anxiety of vendetta spreading in his homeland.

He bought the small house in the area of Katsambas where he settled with his wife Zaharenia and his five sons.

Those years were poor and tough, but the cheerfulness of boys playing the ball in the narrow streets of current Little Mimosa neighborhood can still be felt while strolling around today’s almost untouched by commercial developments historical Ottoman simple buildings.

Andreas was a father to Nicolas and a grandfather to today’s owner of Little Mimosa, baptized after his papou, as it is common in Greek tradition.

We are the new generation: Andreas Markakis and his wife Anna that decided to revive small history of casual Cretan family and restore those walls of hundred-year old history.

The house’s renovation was completed in the autumn of 2017 year with all modern facilities embraced by solid stone thick walls remembering historical years.

Little Mimosa it is a home of the island of Crete and so the colors and its interiors will welcome you with Mediterranean vibes.

View a brief walkthrough of the home: